Dr. Harsh Vardhan

“All doctors treat, but a good doctor lets nature heal”.
Dr Harshvardhan
who is an extraordinary Otolaryngologist and an efficacious politician. He is currently serving as an Union Minister for science and technology in the government of India. He wrote a book on how he conceived and implemented the polio eradication programme, the era which saw the mass immunization of more than billions of children. The title of the book is ‘A Tale of Two Drops’. He had made value education, yoga and sports compulsory in the curriculum of the schools of Delhi and the Delhi prohibition of smoking act was also passed under his leadership. By getting appreciations and awards for serving and working for people, he has truly substantiated that doctor sees all the weakness of mankind.

Author Coach Sherry

Author Coach Sherry is the founder and President of MS talks India. He is the writer of an electrifying book , “Unleash the hidden potential” . This book help it's reader to transform their personality and help to identify the real self. Book has a systematic approach to achieve the desired goal. He is also a trainer, coach and a keynote speaker. He has spoken at various prestigious platforms.To name a few - Fortune 500 MNC's, ICICI Bank MS Talks, CIMSME, NDIM, lovely professional university,IPS Group of Colleges Gwalior, Delhi University, Tajburba international and many other community Association. Author Coach Sherry's journey from a private banker to a successful entrepreneur is an inspiration in many ways. Whether it's about body transformation fat to slim journey- from 120 kgs to 65 kgs or growing up to an entrepreneur. He has been writing blogs and articles as an blogger and also serve as a blogger panel author for some established website like Delhi university news, motivational ripple and training camp etc. He has been in corporate sector for around 15 years and currently working as a corporate trainer in education sector with expertise in sales marketing and behavioural skills development.